Zidane, the lost six months


It came as a vitamin injection to revitalize the triple European champion, who had lost his rank in a season that was to be transitional. Zidane returned to office with a long time ahead, still in the previous course, in order to begin the rebirth. And the decisions taken over half a year, on and off the field, have sown concern in Real Madrid.

The chronology of events produces uncertainty. He was granted power to create the template, decide the casualties and try to get the signings he wanted. Their positions began to miss. Marcos Llorente did not want Reguilón, Ceballos, James and Bale. He asked for the signing of Pogba. Real Madrid transferred Gento's nephew, but ceded to Ceballos and Reguilón. I didn't want to lose them. In August, the club spoke with Zinedine to stay with Bale and James, as the transfer offers were not good. Today, the best Real Madrid players are the two of them, along with Benzema. Reality that causes more unknowns, as it reveals that the discards were not football, but of personal relationship. And the bad progress of the team finishes a tense situation, because it is analyzed that Zidane has not found the way.

This Real Madrid is not worked. There are no automatic defensive movements before each situation of loss of ball or attack of the rival. It shows in the late reactions to the attack of the opponent or to a mere throw-in of the opponent. And the bad tactical decisions end up painting a painting in gloom. Zizou was wrong against Valladolid when leaving Real Madrid without midfielders and in Paris he repeated the mistake.

Zidane has to change many things. Dare to take away several consecrated persons when things do not come out. You cannot direct a second year of transition. It will be hard to remove men who won the glory with him, but he cannot live from the past because neither the club nor the fans will admit a slow process. The intensity that he demands in his men must demand it and, if there is none, he must sit down the players who do not apply it on the grass. Or they will sit him. .


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